What is American Financial? 
American Financial's real estate consultants help our clients find the best local agents, brokers and financing through our network of real estate professionals. Our experts can help you every step the way when buying or selling a home.

How does using American Financial benefit me?

American Financial is your one stop solution for all your real estate needs. We help our clients find the best local realtor to help them buy or sell real estate, whether they are First Time Home Buyers or accredited investors. We can get you the best property to fit your budget, or show you how to get top dollar when selling. American Financial only works with the best banks and brokers so you always get the best rates on your loans.

Who are the professionals that are part of the network? 

American Financial has been building and working with our network of trusted professionals for over 24 years. Our network is comprised of local, national and international relationships with most large real estate brokerages, banks, brokers, and many private investors.

What kind of properties do you represent? 
American Financial can assist you with buying or selling residential or commercial properties, as well as businesses.  We have experience with undeveloped land, manufactured homes, condos, single family homes and multi family apartment buildings. On the commercial side, our experts can help you with retail, office, mixed use, special purpose, hospitality or industrial properties.

What types of financing can American Financial help me with?
American Financial works with a variety of lenders to find the best fit for you, whether it’s a conventional mortgage, jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA, CALHFA First Time Home Buyer program, Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac. We also provide assistance for construction, commercial or  SBA programs, and offer access to private investors.

Where do you provide services?

American Financial provides real estate services through a network of professionals in every city throughout the world.

Does it cost me anything to use American Financial?
American Financial's real estate and financing consultant services are never any direct cost to the client. American Financial may or may not receive compensation from the providers of real estate and financing services. 


Telephone: +1.855.960.4663